Fig Tart- Made in France

These are the figs I bought at the market in Lorgues. Aren’t they gorgeous? I bought five because we had some pears at the house we had to use. So I guess technically this is a Fig-Pear Tart Made in France. When you have exciting plans to make a tart in France you don’t think about details like measuring spoons and things like that. But, y’know, I’m a professional; I made it work.

To be honest, I was pretty impressed with myself for getting all the measurements (almost) right. I assume if they’d been way off the tart would’ve been total shite, but it wasn’t half bad. So bully for me.

Remember, you don’t need a food processor to make tart dough. It just makes it way faster and easier. I have a new appreciation for you, food processor. Oh did I mention how lucky I was that there was a tart pan at our rented vacation house? Whew.

I can’t tell if the figs were huge or the pears were just small. Either way, they were about the same size.


Since I didn’t have any almond paste to do a frangipane I decided to do a red wine caramel. They had cardamom pods in their spice cabinet and I’ll pretty much use cardamom whenever available, so I threw some of those in as well.

Yay! Future tart!

See? I finished it with a simple custard filling & some toasted almonds. It wasn’t half bad for basically guessing at all the measurements. But I think next time I’d do a white wine caramel instead.

Who cares, I made a tart in France.

I hope you’re all healthy out there. I’ve been really sick with a viral infection that’s brought me a high fever and a trip to the ER this week. Get your flu shots everyone!

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