French Fare: Tourtour

Well I’m home from France -again- and I have an absolute food hangover. And plenty of (food!) photos to share. First up is a town called Tourtour. It’s in the Cote d’Azur region of Provence, which is where we stayed. It was our first adventure in France and it’s on the list of the most beautiful villages in the region, which I can only assume is like the most beautiful people list in the US.

The town isn’t large, but there are tons of little alleys and passageways to get lost in. And lots of good eating.

The road to the village is a narrow, winding, steep sort of thing, so when we all stopped feeling nauseous we decided to have lunch. When you sit down they give you a little dish of olives -this was pretty much the standard at all the restaurants we visited in Provence- probably because 90% of the trees there are olive trees.

I am not an olive fan. Seriously, I kind of hate them. But I figured, hey, I’m in Provence, these probably fell off a tree out back, I’m going to try them.

I’m still not an olive fan.

My sister and I split the escargot because you know me- gotta have my snails.

They were, of course, delicious. We even convinced my brother to eat one. For those of you who have never tried them he compared the texture to that of a mussel (which I don’t eat. I’m allergic. Wah wah.).

For my entree I had the assiette (plate) of local specialties. I don’t get why more places don’t do this. Offering an assortment of local foods is such a great idea- and it was awesome.

It looks light but it was surprisingly filling. After lunch we walked around the town and saw things like this

And this

And this

We even saw some fig trees.

And naturally occurring fig jam.

And when we’d covered the length of the town -and digested enough to brave the road again- we said goodbye to Tourtour and headed back down the mountain.

I’ve got lots more to share, but right now I have to run. I’m having bread withdrawal.
Till next time!
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